Egg diet for 4 weeks: menu, recipes, pros and cons, results, reviews

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The egg is a fairly nutritious food that has a low cost and a large number of advantages. Today we will discuss in detail the egg diet for 4 weeks, reviews about it, the menu, as well as other useful information about this method of losing weight. Let's start our review of this diet now!

What is the essence of the diet?

Any reasonable person, when thinking about which diet to use, will clarify whether there is any effectiveness of this or that way of eating. Many reviews of the egg diet for 4 weeks are positive, we can say that the result of this way of eating is simply wonderful. Within a month, people get rid of the hated pounds that prevented them from living a normal life.

eggs grapefruit and nuts for the egg diet

So, what is the point of this diet? To begin with, it is definitely worth noting that eggs contain a huge amount of vitamins A, B, D, E, K. In addition, the product discussed today contains a lot of phosphorus, iron, water, copper, potassium, calcium, as well as other important and usefulsubstances for the normal functioning of the body. In addition, special attention should be paid to the fact that each chicken egg contains biologically active substances, a huge amount of proteins and amino acids, which favorably affect the functioning of the entire organism as a whole.

The essence of the diet discussed today is that for a month you will not need to eat almost anything except eggs. In addition, you should exclude sugar, potatoes, confectionery and other harmful products from your diet. Thus, the body will be in a kind of carbohydrate starvation for 1 month, because it will receive mainly protein.

It is important to note that when eating eggs, the body receives vitamin H, the main task of which is to stimulate the absorption of carbohydrates. If a deficiency of carbohydrates is detected in the body, then biotin will begin to process substances that have been deposited in fatty tissues. Consequently, fats will be broken down during this diet and extra pounds will go away, which you have dreamed of for so long.

In the article we will describe in detail the egg diet menu for 4 weeks, but right now we will talk about what experts think about this way of losing weight.

The opinion of nutritionists and doctors

Now we will discuss the 4 week egg diet and reviews about it. And also consider other useful information about this weight loss method. It is worth noting here that nutritionists and world-renowned doctors are not particularly enthusiastic about the egg diet. It is very reasonable that any nutritionist will recommend people to lose weight with the help of a proper balanced diet, they will advise you to take into account calories, maintain a balance of fats, proteins and carbohydrates in order to get rid of extra pounds.

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As you understand, according to the diet discussed today, fats and carbohydrates will be excluded from the diet, because you should eat mainly proteins. According to doctors, in the absence of a sufficient amount of fat, the functioning of the central nervous system is disrupted, while the body's immunity also decreases.

As for the lack of carbohydrates, in this case, this is fraught with destabilization of the activity of the central nervous system. In addition, mental activity and physical capabilities will decrease and the body will simply be exhausted.

Now you understand what doctors and nutritionists think about the 4-week egg diet, the reviews of which are mostly positive. Remember that the duration of such a diet is 4 weeks, that is, a month, so it is very possible that some kind of imbalance in the amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fats in the body will negatively affect your health.

The main contraindications of the egg diet

Modern diets are quite dangerous for the life of every person, therefore they have certain contraindications. Today, not everyone can lose weight, because the 4-week egg diet, the menu of which we will discuss a little later in this article, has a number of contraindications, which is why it cannot be used.

These contraindications include the following factors:

  • pregnancy;
  • chronic and acute diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • liver pathology;
  • kidney diseases;
  • diseases of the pancreas;
  • diseases related to the functioning of the body's cardiovascular system.
  • individual intolerance to eggs.

So we discussed the main contraindications of the diet we discussed. If you do not belong to any of the above categories, then you can safely start losing weight using this diet method. It will help you get rid of extra pounds in the shortest possible time – in just 1 month.

Approved Products

Earlier in the article, we already mentioned that the 4-week egg protein diet has positive reviews, but we will discuss more detailed opinions of people who have used this method a little later in this material.

egg breakfast option

Right now, let's talk about what foods you can eat during this diet, and a little later we will talk about the foods you are forbidden to eat.

Thus, permitted foods include:

  • turkey and chicken meat;
  • chicken eggs;
  • lean fish, beef and veal;
  • vegetables (any, except potatoes).
  • cheese and fat-free cottage cheese.
  • greens;
  • garlic;
  • onion;
  • Tea with lemon;
  • seasonings for salad dressings;
  • grapefruit;
  • Orange.

As you can see, the list of allowed foods is quite short, so for a month you will have to try very hard not to break this diet!

Weekly menu

It makes sense that the egg diet has its own characteristics. It is important to note that for the first two weeks breakfast will be the same, and then you will independently choose which dish to cook for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

So, for the first 7 days in the morning you need to eat half a grapefruit or an orange, as well as two eggs in any form. On Monday, one type of fruit should be eaten for lunch, while grilled or boiled meat is allowed for dinner. On Tuesday, for lunch, you should make yourself a baked or boiled chicken, and for dinner, eat toast, 2 eggs, vegetable salad and grapefruit. On Wednesday, lunch should start with low-fat cheese, tomatoes and a piece of toast, and dinner should be baked or boiled meat.

As for Thursday, for lunch you must eat fruit of one kind and for dinner, cook yourself meat and lettuce. On Friday, in the middle of the day, you must eat two eggs, boiled vegetables and for dinner make a fish stew, eat an orange and lettuce.

As for Saturday, for lunch it should be boiled or baked meat and for dinner meat with lettuce. On Sunday, have an orange and boiled vegetables, chicken and tomatoes for lunch and boiled vegetables again for dinner.

next 7 days

When discussing the egg diet for 4 weeks, a detailed menu and other information, we must remember that the second seven days of the considered diet in relation to breakfast will be exactly the same as the first week. For breakfast throughout the week, you should eat half an orange or grapefruit, as well as two eggs.

eggs for weight loss

As for lunch, on Monday and Tuesday it is the same: you must eat meat, as well as lettuce. On the first day of the week in the evening make yourself two eggs, an orange and lettuce and on Tuesday for dinner it is recommended to eat two eggs and a grapefruit. On Wednesday, lunch should consist of meat and cucumbers, and dinner should consist of an orange and two boiled eggs.

As for Thursday, on this day of the week you should eat some low-fat cheese, boiled vegetables and scrambled eggs for lunch. At the end of the day, cook two chicken eggs again. On Friday, lunch should consist of boiled or boiled fish and dinner of eggs (two will be enough). On Saturday, lunch should be an orange and some meat, and for dinner you can make a fruit salad. In the middle of the Sunday afternoon, a snack of an orange, chicken, tomatoes or boiled vegetables is allowed. You should eat the same for dinner!

Third week of weight loss

Today we discuss in detail a detailed menu of the egg diet for 4 weeks, using which you can definitely lose weight and achieve the desired results. So, on Monday of the third week, you must eat any fruit, except the forbidden ones, which we will talk about a little later. On Tuesday, you can eat any boiled vegetables and on Wednesday, you can eat any permitted food.

vegetable salad with eggs for weight loss

The fourth day of the third week should consist of boiled vegetables, lettuce, boiled or boiled fish. On Friday, you should eat vegetables, meat and chicken. As for the Sabbath, make a day of eating one type of fruit. Repeat Saturday's meals on Sunday.

Menu for the fourth week

The last week of the egg-protein diet is the most responsible, because after 7 days you can already see the final result of your weight loss.

So, on Monday you need to eat a grapefruit, 150-200 grams of meat or a quarter of a chicken, three cucumbers and the same number of tomatoes, some toast, as well as canned tuna, but pay attention to the fact that it is without oil.

On Tuesday, again, you must eat 150-200 grams of meat, three cucumbers and the same number of tomatoes, several toasts, a pear or apple, as well as an orange or 20 grams of melon.

As for Wednesday, on this day of the week you should eat 30 grams of cottage cheese or low-fat cheese, two cucumbers and tomatoes, a piece of toast, 200 grams of boiled vegetables and 1 orange.

The fourth day of the 4th week should be represented by the following products: one grapefruit, two cucumbers, 3 tomatoes, 1 toast, half a chicken.

On Friday, according to the egg diet for 4 weeks, you must eat three tomatoes, 2 eggs, 1 orange and lettuce.

As for Saturday, eat 700 grams of chicken, 150 grams of cottage cheese or cheese, 1 glass of kefir, two cucumbers and two tomatoes, a toast and grapefruit.

On Sunday, the last week of the egg diet, you must eat 30 grams of cottage cheese, a can of canned tuna without oil, 200 grams of boiled vegetables, two cucumbers and tomatoes, a grapefruit and also toast.

grapefruit for weight loss on an egg diet

As you understand, this menu of the egg diet for the first two weeks is described in more detail, and then you yourself have to choose what you will eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

What dietary variations are there?

To date, there are a huge number of variations of the discussed diet. We are talking about the protein-egg diet, the Maggi diet, and many others. Essentially speaking, in this case we are talking about the same weight loss method, which is designed for 1 month. In addition, such a diet is based on the chemical reactions of the body, due to which, as a result of 4 weeks, it is possible to lose those extra hated pounds.

Particular attention should be paid to the fact that although the diet is called an egg, for a month you can eat not only this product. During this diet, an increased amount of protein enters the body, due to which the fat reserve will be wasted. In addition, at 3 and 4 weeks, an increased amount of other protein foods, such as fish, meat and poultry, is introduced into the diet. This in turn is necessary for the consolidation of the result.

Remember that if you neglect the second half of the diet, then you will probably lose the result that you managed to achieve as a result of the first two weeks of weight loss!

The main advantages of the diet

Today we are discussing in detail the 4 week egg diet which is popular and has quite a good result. So, among the main advantages of this method of losing weight, it is worth highlighting the fact that you are not tormented by hunger throughout the day, because a sufficient amount of necessary substances enters the body. Another advantage is the ease of cooking, since you just need to, for example, boil your own eggs, send the chicken to the oven for baking, cook vegetables. I agree, all this is very simple, so any, even the most sloppy housewife, will cope with this cooking method!

omelette for weight loss

Another advantage of this weight loss method is that if you visit the gym regularly, you are more likely to build muscle mass. Thus, you will not only lose weight, but also be able to find the perfectly toned figure. Also, the advantage of the diet is the stable results, to maintain which you have to eat right!

Disadvantages of protein diet

It is quite logical that the egg diet for a month has its disadvantages, which we will talk about now. The main disadvantages of this method of losing weight include the fact that in a month you will have a very high level of cholesterol in the blood. Due to the fact that you will consume a minimal amount of carbohydrates, efficiency will decrease and lethargy and fatigue may also be observed. In addition, if you lose weight in this way, be sure to pay attention to the fact that there is a risk of some health problems: flatulence, constipation, bad breath, bloating.

It is also worth mentioning that the 4-week egg diet is without coffee, requires strict adherence to the menu and is quite monotonous, so there is a great risk of relaxing. Attention should be paid to the fact that in some cases you will have to give up vigorous physical activity due to the fact that you will have little strength. In addition, such a four-week diet can negatively affect your health and develop serious stomach problems. So, before using this weight loss method, be sure to consult an expert who will help you and give you answers to all your questions.

Helpful hints

Today we discuss the 4 Week Egg Diet in detail, as well as everything related to this weight loss option. So, for a start, it is worth noting that it is better to prefer soft eggs, as they are better absorbed by the body. Do not forget that the average maximum number of eggs that can be consumed in one day is 4 pieces. When losing weight, it is necessary to limit the intake of salt, as it can negatively affect the result. Helpful tips will help you get the most out of the egg diet and avoid unpleasant surprises.

If you like fried eggs, then make it without oil, but remember that baking is the best way to prepare it. Pay attention to the fact that you should eat dinner about 4 hours before you plan to go to bed. Special attention should be paid to the fact that snacks are excluded with this diet and the daily intake of water should reach at least 2 liters.

If you decide to use the 4 x 4 egg diet, then reduce physical activity, in this case, you can leave only exercises in the morning, visiting the pool and walking. Remember that going to the gym can cause negative consequences and greatly exhaust you, because a sufficient amount of carbohydrates ceases to enter the body.

What can't be eaten?

Prohibited foods include: mayonnaise, rich broths, pasta, pastries, pastries, cereals, sugar, potatoes, coffee and similar beverages containing caffeine. You should give up alcohol, meat, persimmons, bananas and cherries, mangoes, grapes, figs, avocados, dates, fatty dairy products, juices, lemonades and sweets for a month. Honey, soy sauce and ketchup are also not recommended.

potatoes as a forbidden food in an egg diet

The list is pretty impressive, so it's best to print it out and stick it on the fridge so you don't forget anything.

Reviews and results

Reviews of the 4 Week Egg Diet are generally good. Some women claim that they managed to get rid of 10-15 kg in 1 month, but remember that for this you must strictly follow the diet rules!

If you can't relax for 4 weeks and endure these torments, you will get a pleasant result in the form of dropped pounds. Do not forget that after completing the diet it is necessary to maintain the right diet so that they do not return.

Happy weight loss!